Why Marriage Counselling Is Now More Needed than Ever

Too often we are fooled by the storybook image of love, thinking that relationships are all sunshine and roses, and that if this is not the case, we have somehow failed or weren’t the perfect partner. The truth is that any and all relationships require constant work and care, and that there is never a “picture perfect” template for the ideal relationship. Furthermore, external factors influence a relationship. It’s vital to be aware of this and be able to recognise these factors for what they are. Marriage counselling is a great way to acquire the necessary tools with which to build a healthy partnership.

A year unlike any other

For most of us, 2020 posed a set of challenges unlike anything we’ve had to face before. Overnight our lives changed drastically, and everything we took for granted, our routines, our environment, everything was disrupted. We had to adapt, and approach tasks and routines in a very different way. This pressure – and the need for change – also extends to our relationships, and marriage counselling is the ideal way to get some objectivity and support to develop the necessary tools to do just that.

To imagine that one can maintain a healthy relationship without adjusting expectations and boundaries during a year such as this, can set one up for disappointment. The parameters in which we operate has shifted, and so should we to adjust to what I often referred to as the “new normal”. This in itself is misleading. What we are experiencing isn’t normal. Our levels of stress has increased exponentially, as we face the threat of illness, the loss of family and friends, extreme financial pressures, and a disruption to so many things we’ve considered comforting in life. These all inadvertently impacts our relationships, and marriage counselling can help adapting to these new conditions and even growing as a couple through this.

Marriage counselling that caters to your needs

Dr Tienie Maritz is an established and respected psychologist who specialises in marriage counselling. While based in Pretoria, he also recognises the need for people to reach out for support even when they cannot physically attend an appointment. Embracing the change we’ve experienced this year, Dr Tienie Maritz offers couples the opportunity to benefit from marriage counselling sessions via Zoom or even WhatsApp video sessions. This ensures that couples can still grow together while honouring the need to say safe and healthy during a pandemic.

Contact the office of Dr Tienie Maritz for more information on virtual marriage counselling sessions and to enquire about availability.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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