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Not everyone has deep psychological difficulties! Sometimes, we just need a new perspective, and a creative way to understand and approach our daily life.

The practice realised that there is a need for DIY lifestyle tools. inRhythm was therefore established with the purpose to coach practical lifestyle tools and solutions for every season of your life.

This page is where you can find DIY lifestyle guidance. Choose your topic, buy your session, phone (083 922 3435) or email ( to book your session.

Sessions will include practical tools and personal lifestyle solutions – the perfect DIY guidance!

DIY Lifestyle solutions:

When we feel stuck and start to operate in survival mode, we slowly disconnect with our dreams, passions, purpose, loved ones and sometimes even make peace with this “slogging” lifestyle.

But people can change! We have learned that in life over and over again. There is amazing potential in people!

The following practical solutions are ready for use:

1. Code of Conflict.

A practical, step-by-step guide to do constructive conflict. Included: a tool to be available on your phone.

Conflict can be destructive! Mostly, we choose to avoid conflict. But conflict can be managed in a positive way to create win-win solutions. Practice the steps and apply them in any situation.

Buy your Code of Conflict lifestyle session – 3 hours: R500-00.

2. Manage your Chaos

A healthy and practical way to manage your own life. Learn how to live and teach your kids to be responsible, proactive, motivated, and respectful! Boundaries in action!

  • Face the reality of cause and effect in life and be proactive!
  • Are we ‘responsible’ or ‘self-centered’?
  • Can we live and teach ‘respect’ in a diverse world?
  • Is ‘motivation’ outdated or are we hiding behind politics?

Choose your topic and buy your lifestyle session – 3 hours: R500-00.

3. The big WHY?

We are all on a constant journey to find and understand ourselves. Who am I? Where am I? Where do I want to be? Why? Find yourself and create your life plan!

Buy your Why lifestyle session to find and live your values, passions, and purpose – 3 hours: R500.00

4. Healthy Couples

You can have a healthy, meaningful, and strong relationship. In a stressful world, you need to learn to do ordinary things again…. talk, listen, laugh, and love!

  • How to be best friends. (3 hours – R500)
  • How to look with a positive perspective. (3 hours – R500)
  • How to trust and commit again! (3 hours – R500)
  • How to do conflict? (3 hours – R500)
  • How to find meaning and live your dreams! (3 hours – R500)

Choose your topic and buy your Healthy Couples lifestyle sessions: 5×3 hours

5. Parental Guidance is advised

Parents and kids are always a recipe for growth, creativity and laughter but also challenges and even extreme conflict and stress. We just need a little bit of support, creative strategies, or a new way of looking to find meaning and rhythm in the challenging moments of parenting!

Buy your Parental guidance is advised lifestyle session – 3 hours: R500

6. Strengths-based living

Your traits are uniquely, instinctively and permanently yours! Only after we uncover who we are, we can understand what we do and why!

  • Healthy relationships maintain individual uniqueness.
  • Happiness is not sameness!
  • Counterfeits are destructive!
  • Understand and respect each other’s uniqueness!

Enjoy the journey to find yourself, discover your gifts and apply it in daily life!

Buy your Strengths-based living sessions: R300 per 2-hour session.

7. Strengths-based coaching:

Book a personal coaching session: R300 per 1 hour session.

8. Religion

  • What do you believe?
  • Why do you believe?
  • What is truth?

Ask questions and discuss the answers.

Buy your Q and A session: R200 per hour.

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