What Is the Point of Couples Counselling?

More and more couples are attending counselling sessions. Gone are the days when this was merely seen as an activity for relationships on the brink of collapse. Today, couples counselling can and do play a vital role in the management of healthy, successful relationships.

No matter the state of the relationship or the challenges faced, communication is key to managing and nurturing a balanced relationship. Couples counselling tends to focus on communication, both encouraging it and sharing ways to improve the communication between the parties involved.

Without proper communication, it is difficult to gain perspective in a relationship and cultivate empathy for each other. Both of these, together with proper communication, are cornerstones of successful relationships.

Important: The efficacy of couples counselling depends on the following

For relationship therapy to be effective, the individuals involved should be willing to engage. Each individual must be willing to focus on themselves, as well as focus on themselves in the presence of their partner or partners.

Without this level of engagement, couples counselling is less effective, and it is advisable for individuals to consider attending individual therapy sessions instead.

Ways in which couples counselling can help

Not every couple faces the same issues or challenges, and the reasons for attending therapy sessions thus vary. Some of the reasons for attending therapy can include:

  • Improving communication – We all communicate differently, and this could lead to friction or misunderstandings.
  • Premarital counselling – These sessions can help you and your partner prepare for married life, and how to deal with shared issues such as finances, family planning, and career focus.
  • Mindfulness – Some couples make use of therapy as a reminder to be present and mindful of the other, in order to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Dealing with trust issues – A solid relationship requires partners to be able to trust each other. Therapy can help with situations where trust was damaged.
  • Infidelity – Unfaithfulness does not necessarily signal the end of a relationship. Therapy can help kickstart the recovery journey.
  • Sexual issues – Often, people are embarrassed to talk about sex, which can lead to anxiety, and even hurt and anger.
  • Managing other relationships – We all have a range of relationships and connections in our lives, and this is good. Therapy can help a couple to navigate and manage these relationships.

Dr Tienie Maritz, located in Pretoria, is an experienced psychologist that offers couples counselling, both in person, or online via WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype. To find out more about how this can benefit your relationship, and to make an appointment, contact his office today.



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