Marriage Therapy

5 Common Questions About Marriage Therapy, and Their Answers

It started out great, but lately you’ve found your relationship to be more challenging than usual. Maybe you’re simply feeling frustrated. Perhaps it’s simply not as satisfying as you want it to be. Or maybe you’re fighting all the time or even separated from bed and table. No matter the degree of unease, marriage therapy might be the answer to helping you tackle the challenges you face.

Couples counselling is a big step. Here are some common questions that might provide some answers you’ve been looking for:

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Child Counselling

Your Child Could Benefit From Counselling During This Stressful Time

We have all taken strain in various ways over the past year or two due to the far-reaching impact of the pandemic on our lives. We are all very aware of it and how it affected our daily lives. Typically, we consider children to be very resilient, but have we truly considered how they were mentally affected by these changes?

One day, they were simply picked up from school and told that life as they know it had changed completely and that they won’t be seeing their friends… Continue reading

Want to Know More About Relationship Therapy? Start Here.

The majority of us value the relationships we are in and would invest a lot into making these relationships work to the best of our abilities. But, even so, there is no guarantee what the future holds. Sometimes relationships are difficult, even if all the parties involved are dedicated to making it work. That’s life. Full of curveballs and challenges along the way. If this situation seems familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to change your approach, and consider relationship therapy.

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Not Sure When to See a Therapist? Read This.

The past year and a half has been like no other. The events that unfolded and the world that surrounds us have been unlike anything any of us have experienced before. With everything that is going on around us – and the constant threat and impact of COVID-19 on our lives – stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high. Given the circumstances, this is to be expected and there is no point denying it. Many of us are dealing with this and wondering if and when it’s… Continue reading

How to Fix My Marriage: A Guide to Recovery

Finding the ideal partner with which you want to spend the rest of your life is an incredibly beautiful experience. However, simply finding a compatible partner that connects with you on various levels is certainly not the end of the story. It’s only the beginning. Maintaining a healthy relationship can be hard work, and life’s challenges often get in the way. That said, when things don’t go as planned, it also doesn’t have to be the end of the road. If you’re asking the question, “How do I fix my marriage,”… Continue reading

What Is the Point of Couples Counselling?

More and more couples are attending counselling sessions. Gone are the days when this was merely seen as an activity for relationships on the brink of collapse. Today, couples counselling can and do play a vital role in the management of healthy, successful relationships.

No matter the state of the relationship or the challenges faced, communication is key to managing and nurturing a balanced relationship. Couples counselling tends to focus on communication, both encouraging it and sharing ways to improve the communication between the parties involved.

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Top Sielkundige in Pretoria Bied Nou Ook Sessies Aanlyn

Vroeg in 2020 is die wêreld is op sy kop gedraai vir die oorweldigende meerderheid van ons. Nie net moes ons gewoond raak aan die dreigende gevaar van ‘n wêreldwye pandemie nie, maar ons vryheid van beweging ook aansienlik ingeperk. Ewe skielik moes alles – van werk tot speeltyd tot selfversorging – tuis geskied. Dr. Tienie Maritz, ‘n sielkundige in Pretoria, het besef dat mense steeds terapie en ondersteuning gaan benodig – nou dalk meer as ooit – en het sy dienste aangepas sodat die wat dit nodig het, aanlyn toegang… Continue reading

How to Approach Relationship Therapy Online

The image of perfect love sold to us via movies, books, and more is a sweet fantasy, but also paints an unrealistic picture. Yes, relationships can be beautiful, and wonderful, and completely fulfilling. But it also doesn’t simply happen by chance. It requires intentional commitment and, sometimes, some additional support. Professional counselling can be a wonderful way to grow a healthy, well-balanced relationship, and you can even engage with this therapy online for added convenience and safety while navigating the Covid-19 landscape.

So how do you get started with reliable relationship therapy online?

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The Value of Online Marriage Counselling in a Modern World

While many people are still waiting for a “return to normal” after the Covid-19 global pandemic has disrupted our regular way of life, it would be impractical to think that things will ever return to exactly the way they were before. The full extent of the impact this has had on people and their interpersonal relationships is still unknown, but it is safe to say that it has often been challenging and frustrating in many ways. Instead of fighting these changes, this might be the time to start leaning into… Continue reading

4 Important Benefits of an Online Family Therapist

We all rely on relationships in various guises to support us and enrich our lives. Few relationships are as important in forming us as people than those we grow up with – our household family. Often, it is expected that these relationships should simply be perfect, but they very seldom are. As with any relationship, they require work to grow into healthy, nurturing structures. An online family therapist like Dr Tienie Maritz can help you navigate this journey.

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