Getting to Know Dr Tienie Maritz, the Trusted Psychologist from Pretoria

The success of therapy relies heavily on trust. You are opening up to a professional – albeit also often a stranger – trusting them to guide you to face your challenges. So, it’s only logical that you should choose someone who is both highly qualified and able to connect with you on a personal level. Dr Tienie Maritz, a practising psychologist in Pretoria with a Phd in Educational Psychology from the University of Pretoria, might very well be the ideal option for you.

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Why Couples Therapy Should Be Part of Every Healthy Relationship

So many of the ideas we have of so-called ideal relationships are, in fact, unrealistic expectations that aren’t achievable, or often even truly desirable. No relationship is simply perfect, without any friction, or absolutely effortless. To be completely honest, no healthy, balanced relationship is even always fun every step of the way. There are challenges, obstacles and irritations to face and work through along the way. This is part of what makes relationships so special. It’s about how we approach and face these issues together. And couples therapy can help… Continue reading

Your Child Can Overcome Learning Challenges with the Help of an Educational Psychologist

The ability to learn is fundamental to human survival, as well as our ability to thrive within the environment and community in which we find ourselves. Throughout life, there are many lessons to be learnt, and just as many ways to learn them. In the developed world, school systems are set up to teach young people the fundamentals necessary to excel at life. However, these systems are limited and do not always match all the individual needs displayed by all students. If you have a child who… Continue reading

A Family Therapist May Be the Answer – Here’s Why

Ultimately, the objective of a family therapist is to help improve the interaction between family members and create a better, healthier home environment. There are a vast number of triggers that can cause stress and conflict within families, and there are also many ways to face these and cultivate effective coping skills.

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It Is Possible to Learn How to Manage Chaos

So often we tell ourselves that when this one project is done, or when we have gotten through this month, or when things calm down, we will be happy, we will prioritise ourselves, or we will get ourselves together and be the person we want to be. But that is not how life works. Life is not a series of singular events happening one after the other. Life is messy, chaotic and happens all at once. And that is fine. It is still possible to excel in spite of the turbulence… Continue reading

Important Things to Know About Family Counselling

Traditionally, our families are supposed to form our innermost support structure and are typically the people closest to us. However, this is not always the case in reality. We are all complex beings with our own characteristics, challenges and perceptions of the world around us, and this can influence our relationships in many ways. Furthermore, because of our close proximity to our families, if one person is not doing well, it affects the other members also. Family counselling exists to help families as a unit to deal with challenges and strengthen relationships.

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Marriage Therapy

5 Common Questions About Marriage Therapy, and Their Answers

It started out great, but lately you’ve found your relationship to be more challenging than usual. Maybe you’re simply feeling frustrated. Perhaps it’s simply not as satisfying as you want it to be. Or maybe you’re fighting all the time or even separated from bed and table. No matter the degree of unease, marriage therapy might be the answer to helping you tackle the challenges you face.

Couples counselling is a big step. Here are some common questions that might provide some answers you’ve been looking for:

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Child Counselling

Your Child Could Benefit From Counselling During This Stressful Time

We have all taken strain in various ways over the past year or two due to the far-reaching impact of the pandemic on our lives. We are all very aware of it and how it affected our daily lives. Typically, we consider children to be very resilient, but have we truly considered how they were mentally affected by these changes?

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Want to Know More About Relationship Therapy? Start Here.

The majority of us value the relationships we are in and would invest a lot into making these relationships work to the best of our abilities. But, even so, there is no guarantee what the future holds. Sometimes relationships are difficult, even if all the parties involved are dedicated to making it work. That’s life. Full of curveballs and challenges along the way. If this situation seems familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to change your approach, and consider relationship therapy.

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Not Sure When to See a Therapist? Read This.

The past year and a half has been like no other. The events that unfolded and the world that surrounds us have been unlike anything any of us have experienced before. With everything that is going on around us – and the constant threat and impact of COVID-19 on our lives – stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high. Given the circumstances, this is to be expected and there is no point denying it. Many of us are dealing with this and wondering if and when it’s… Continue reading

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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