Self-Assessment for Couples

Complete the following questionnaire to assess closeness or distance in your relationship. You will receive your results via email to determine if you have a healthy relationship or if therapy is recommended.

I have shared with my partner about the most stressful things that happened to me as a child.

I can list my partner's aspirations and hopes in life on different themes.

My partner knows what is currently of great concern to me.

My partner knows what characteristic I most love about him/ her.

I usually have a good time when spending time with my partner.

My partner is interested in the joys I derive from my interests.

I feel personally criticized when we do encounter conflict.

Issues in our relationship gets raised in an insulting manner.

I often feel personally attacked and hurt in my relationship.

I often feel like my partner is trying to control me.

My partner is serious and mostly calm when we discuss our issues.

I believe in lots of give and take in our discussions and in conflicts.

We are good listeners even when we have different viewpoints on things.

If things get heated during conflict, we usually give each other a chance to make amends.

In discussing issues, we can usually find our common ground of agreement.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz


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