How a Little Assistance Can Help People Realise their Full Potential

Are you a parent who is concerned about the future career of your child? Does your child know and understand their interests? Have you considered how an experienced therapist in Pretoria can assist in helping your child to make a career choice based on more than just what your child likes?

What is Career Design and How Can It Help You?

A professional therapist can help the individual to understand how their personality and application thereof can affect their career development. What a person does at present is usually the result of many factors which have influenced the person over many years.

Dr Tienie Maritz, a professional therapist in Pretoria, provides career counselling and assistance to people from all age groups. The career design service entails assessments to help people understand how they should select their careers. It entails assessments related to interests, individual goals and aptitude, which forms an integral part of the individual’s personality and the expression thereof.

Confronted with choices and having to respond to the work environment, people often become confused, and this is where professional assistance from an experienced therapist becomes especially beneficial. The career design service is aimed at helping the individual understand their preferences, how the individual responds to and handles vocational development tasks, work-related traumas, and work transitions.

Career design is thus relevant to any stage of a person’s life, whether the individual has just finished school and wants assistance in determining the correct field of study, or whether the individual wants to make a career change because they’re unhappy or unsatisfied in their current position.

Dr Maritz works with the individual to get answers based on scientific assessment methods, such as personality, cognitive functioning, values, interests and aptitude assessments. He also provides expert career counselling services to facilitate occupational transitions and help the individual to work through career traumas.

Lifelong Process

Career design is not a once-off process. Indeed, it is a lifelong process which starts the day a person is born.

People are expected to make career choices at young ages, as they must choose appropriate school subjects and then make further choices regarding what they will do after school. If they have not made the choices best suited to their aptitudes, cognitive abilities, personality traits, interests and goals, they often end up in unsatisfying careers, or they often change jobs in search of what they will like.

Some people made choices to fit their personalities, aptitudes, cognitive abilities and interests, but have lost their jobs due to company restructuring or traumatic experiences, injuries or other situations. They need assistance in working through the occupational traumas and once again, the expertise of Dr Tienie Maritz, as a reputable therapist in Pretoria, can help them make informed decisions regarding their futures.

What Next?

Take the guesswork out of career planning. Make an appointment with Dr Tienie Maritz, in order to receive expert career counselling from an experienced therapist based in Pretoria.

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