Relationship Therapy that Can Be Claimed Directly from your Medical Aid

You meet, you fall in love and if you don’t work on your relationship, you break up! No relationship is easy – they require constant work, and are bound to have their ups and downs. However, if there are more downs than ups, you might be headed for a breakup, especially after a fight or an event that has damaged trust and caused you both to shut each other out. Is your relationship slowly heading for a breakup? If you’re uncertain, then here are four signs that you simply can’t ignore.

Four Signs you’re Heading for a Breakup!

Considered as the first of “the four horsemen”, criticism usually starts to emerge as soon as the honeymoon phase is over. When you first met, you couldn’t find one fault with each other and now that those rose-tinted glasses have slipped off, all those imperfections are now in bright technicolour. Defensiveness is the second horseman to watch out for. It’s human behaviour to get defensive when under attack and once you engage in it, you make excuses, tune out and avoid taking responsibility for your part in the conflict.

The third horseman is contempt. This is where things really fall apart, because this is where couples start becoming belligerent and abusive, and start to threaten, insult and name call each other. Stonewalling is the last horseman that spells disaster. This is where couples stop engaging and start avoiding each other. While some couples choose to sort their problems out internally, many couples seek professional relationship therapy. If your relationship is currently experiencing any of the above, then Dr Tienie Maritz can help you through relationship therapy.

An Affordable Private Psychotherapeutic Practice

Situated in Pretoria and in practice for over twenty years, we are led by a renowned psychologist with a proven track record in the application of psychology. Taking great pride in empowering people to feel significant in how they feel, what they do, and with whom they do it with, Dr Tienie Maritz holds a PhD and is registered as a Counselling and Educational Psychologist.

We Claim Directly from your Medical Aid

With core values that include availability, confidentiality, integrity, trust and unconditional acceptance – we offer relationship therapy, family and divorce mediation, career and executive coaching, trauma therapy, peer wellness mentoring and cognitive behavioural treatment, to name a few. While most couples would love nothing more than to go for relationship therapy, depending on the circumstances, needs and duration – therapy can easily run into the thousands. Whereas most psychologists expect patients to pay upfront and claim their money back from their own medical aid, at Tienie Maritz, our patients are able to pay directly from their medical aids. Furthermore, patients who are not on medical aid are able to negotiate payment terms at their first session.

Our Relationship Therapy will Save your Relationship

Not all relationships are salvageable, however, for those couples willing to commit to therapy, our relationship therapy is effective and successful in coaching couples on how to honestly communicate and listen, without criticising, getting defensive, judging one another, saying things that they will regret and shutting each other out emotionally – important skills that will transform your relationship. Contact us today and allow Dr Tienie Maritz to help you save your relationship.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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