Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship with the Right Therapy

If you need help working out the kinks of how to better live together with your partner, you need relationship therapy. Relationship therapy no longer has a stigma. You visit a doctor for a backache that won’t go away, so why not visit a therapist if your relationship is causing you heartache. You see, today, it’s perfectly normal for married couples or long-term partners that are going through some difficulties to seek professional help. Millions of couples around the world have seen a therapist, are currently in therapy, or are thinking about relationship therapy. If you still love your partner and they feel the same about you, here’s why you should give relationship therapy a chance.


Couples Get Unbiased Advice

No one sees their relationship and behaviour objectively. In fact, many of us are blind to what’s really going on, but when we invite a relationship therapist into the picture – kind of like introducing an unbiased third party into the relationship – they are better able to see things clearly.


A Safe Environment for Honesty

None of us are taught how to be in relationships or deal with the types of conflicts that come with marriage, and in the home (often the battleground of marriage) being truly honest about one’s feelings is hard. Brutal honesty can cause serious pain, and while many couples try to avoid this pain by going into denial mode, or even ignoring or rationalising their feelings away, relationship therapy offers a safe environment in which couples can be emotionally honest without being or feeling judged.


Conflict Management and Problem Solving

There is no couple in this world that has not gone through a rocky patch, but what makes some couples stronger than others is how they managed their problems. One of the most common reasons why marriages break down is due to conflict, which often leads to feelings of resentment and anger. Unfortunately, many couples don’t know how to manage conflict, which is why relationship therapy can be so beneficial. Not only is the goal of therapy to give couples problem-solving tools to deal with the above, but you will also learn how to move on from anger, betrayal, and disappointments.

There really is no such thing as the perfect marriage or relationship – relationships need constant work. Sadly, most couples wait years after problems have developed to seek therapy. Fortunately, studies show that a good relationship therapist can be helpful, so if you have a relationship that is worth fighting for, contact Dr Tienie Maritz in Pretoria.

Dr Tienie Maritz provides a neutral, safe space for you to discuss your needs and challenges. Whether you want to save your marriage or better your relationship, Dr Tienie Maritz has many years of experience working with couples. He also offers favourable medical aid rates and easy payment plans. Allow Dr Tienie Maritz to put the spark back into your relationship and help you and your partner work through your problems.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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