Relationship Psychologist in Pretoria Provides an Affordable and Effective Counselling Service

For a couple that may need the services of a relationship psychologist in Pretoria or in any other part of South Africa, there can be barriers. Often, it will be simply that, a couple has concerns about the affordability of consultations and whether their money might run out before they have succeeded in getting sufficient help to resolve their difficulties. While, at first glance, this may seem trivial to someone with an adequate income and no need for such services, the truth is that many of the tensions that occur in a marriage today are the direct result of financial problems. At the very least, such difficulties are likely to play a role in aggravating some other primary cause for the dissent.

In some cases, the reason for not consulting a relationship psychologist, in Pretoria or elsewhere, is scepticism regarding the value of such a step. Family and peers will often actively suggest a course of action, such as just waiting to see how things pan out and if the marriage ends in divorce, then it is probably all for the best. The problem is that a third party could not possibly know how you feel or fully understand the dynamic that is applicable in your situation.

The sad but all-too common result is that many couples who could have benefitted from some professional help will simply part – avoiding rather than resolving their differences. Furthermore, the new catch-all term “irreconcilable breakdown” coupled with the possibility of a cut-price, “quickie” divorce has done little to promote the services of a relationship psychologist, whether in Pretoria or Pofadder.

Perhaps those who fear that counselling costs may be prohibitive, should consider more carefully the cost of even a quickie divorce. Quite apart from the financial implication of living separate lives, the cost to the psyche due to the associated trauma and enforced independence can also be high.

The fact is that humans are not great communicators and regularly misinterpret the words and actions of others, as well as the intentions that may have motivated them. We read between the lines only to receive the wrong message, to which we then react inappropriately. In other words, much of our decisions are the results of misunderstandings that could be resolved with the help of an independent listener.

Dr Tienie Maritz is a relationship psychologist in Pretoria. He not only advises, but also questions and listens to encourage both self-examination and a better insight into each other’s needs. He offers medical aid rates and payment plans to ensure that affordability is never a barrier to the proven services of a professional relationship psychologist.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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