Relationship Counselling: The 4 Cs of a Successful Relationship


Do you find yourself in a relationship that feels like its drowning or are you on a path of self-sabotage in your relationship or marriage? Most of us have all had our fair share of failed relationships, but some just might be worth saving. Unfortunately, while there are many couples that spend way more time obsessing over the 4 Cs of diamond buying, many couples forget the importance of preparing for the hard times that lie ahead. If you can relate to the above, then take a look at the 4 Cs of a successful relationship.


#1 Communication – One of the most important aspects of any relationship is to be listened to and to be able to openly communicate with one another without judgement or fear. If we feel like we can’t tell our partners how we really feel or what we really want, we get reactive, defensive, and aggressive, which can cause us to shut down completely. Good communication enhances trust and leads to more effective problem-solving, especially when conflict arises. The truth is that when we feel listened to and understood, we feel validated, valued, and loved.


#2 Compromise – Compromise is a very powerful tool. If you can’t seem to have a conversation without the claws coming out and if both partners insist on having their own way, anger and jealousy can manifest, which can result in the breakdown of a relationship. The only way to end a disagreement and avoid a fight is to compromise. Keep in mind that without good communication, compromise is not possible, and without good compromise, your problems start to stack up, thus damaging your relationship.


#3 Commitment – Saying “I love you” is great, but what about that consistency which only comes from true commitment. Commitment is the agreement to love, to be accepting, to make an effort, to support each other, and to be honest and faithful to your partner. Commitment in a relationship means devotion from both ends; it is the conscious choice to put your energy towards the relationship, not just the “self.”


#4 Choice – Choice is the conscious decision to be present in your relationship. Being loyal to a relationship is a choice, and so is being unfaithful. Supporting your partner is a choice, and so is turning your back on your partner’s dreams and goals. The quality of your relationship will greatly depend on the choices you make.


Every relationship has the potential to fall apart and go wrong. It takes communication, commitment, compromise, and choice to make it work. If you’re struggling with any of the 4 Cs in your relationship, then do your relationship a favour and seek relationship counselling with Dr Tienie Maritz.


Counselling both couples and partners together and individually, Dr Tienie Maritz provides a neutral space for you to discuss your needs and challenges. Whether you want to enhance your current relationship, attract the perfect partner, or attend pre-marriage counselling, Dr Tienie Maritz has many years of experience working with couples. If you have a relationship that is worth fighting for, contact Dr Tienie Maritz today.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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