Caring and Supportive Relationship Counselling Serving Families in Pretoria 

While there are many couples who need counselling in Pretoria, too few actually recognise that need and act upon it in time to save their relationship. Only in relatively few cases does divorce deliver the relief that is hoped for or that well-meaning, but misguided, friends or relatives are prone to suggest. In all other cases, taking the necessary steps to overcome the factors that, left unresolved, so often contribute to estrangement between couples and the eventual breakdown of their partnership is invariably a far more desirable outcome.

While the concept and the desirability of this preferred outcome are easy enough to understand, it is the practical implementation of the steps required to attain this result that presents the couples with difficulties. It is in helping them overcome these difficulties that the services of relationship counselling in Pretoria, and in other towns and cities, can prove to be invaluable.

When faced with marital difficulties, in almost all cases, the first reaction is for one or both of the partners to turn to a friend or family member for advice. In practice, the person approached will be unable to view the problem objectively and, instead, will simply side with the friend or relative in need of help, and so offer opinions and suggestions that are founded on a one-sided view of the conflict. Sometimes, perhaps unwittingly, the appeal for help produces suggestions such as “get rid of him/her”, which allow the advisor to experience some vicarious relief from their own concealed problems.  Either way, marital conflict is an area best left to a qualified and experienced relationship counsellor, whether in Pretoria or Paarl.

Dr Tienie Maritz operates a practice in the Menlo Park suburb of South Africa’s administrative capital. From here, he offers his patients the benefits of skills and experience gained over the course of a quarter of a century. As a man who, in his own words, is dedicated to helping others to “live life better”, his long and proven track record of success in his field, bears ample testament to the value inherent in that dedication.

Well-acquainted with the multiple approaches applicable by proponents of the various schools of psychology and their effects. This allows him, as a leading relationship counsellor in Pretoria, to apply these approaches in combinations arrived at, through careful evaluation of the individual needs of each couple. As a result, his patients are normally able to experience a measurable improvement in their interaction within just a couple of sessions. Claiming directly from medical aids and offering easy payments to non-members, his relationship counselling also helps patients in Pretoria avoid undue financial pressures.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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