A Guide to Psycho-Legal Services

Are you in search of a psycho-legal psychologist in Pretoria and Johannesburg? While there are many psychologists that deal only with marriage and couples therapy, individual psychotherapy, parental guidance and family therapy and trauma, there are many psychologists that deal with all of the above, as well as forensic psychology.

Interestingly, when many of us think of forensic psychology, we immediately envision those nail-biting shows like Criminal Minds, CSI and Hannibal where a criminal profiler gets inside the mind of a dangerous killer in order to predict their next fatal move. Amusingly, these highly-glamorised stereotypes are not the norm. So what are forensic psychologists and what do they actually do?

What are Psycho-Legal Assessments?

A term used to describe the intersection between the legal system and psychology – psycho-legal assessments refer to the process where psychological knowledge is applied within a legal framework. Primarily assessment-based only, psycho-legal services do not include any clinical treatment and therapy. Where a clinical psychologist will analyze the behaviour of the patient in question and assist him/her in ways to heal and feel better, psycho-legal services find out the facts by administering psychological assessments and then compiling reports on the patients emotional, intellectual and neuropsychological functioning.

We Assist Attorneys, Defendants, Families and Private Patients

Situated in Pretoria and in practice for over twenty years, Dr Tienie Maritz is a renowned psychologist with a proven track record in the application of psychotherapy. Holding a Ph.D., Dr Tienie Maritz specialises in marriage and couples therapy, individual psychotherapy, parental guidance, family therapy, trauma, career design, and psycho-legal services.

Striving to provide a fair opinion to a reasonable degree of psychological certainty, as well as provide a therapeutic healing environment that is safe, neutral and non-judgmental, Dr Maritz currently delivers psycho-legal services to several professional legal entities functioning within the justice system of South Africa. Assisting attorneys, defendants, families and patients with expert forensic assessments and reports on issues caused by accidents or personal injury, Dr Maritz is well practiced in evaluating and assessing the following:

• Psychological impact of the accident such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress and depression caused by psychological trauma;
• Physical injury such as disfigurement, mental impairment, disability or brain injury; and
• Financial loss such as loss of earnings and incurred medical expenses.

What are the Costs Involved in a Psycho-Legal Assessment?

Unlike clinical therapy, psycho-legal services are not covered by medical aid and are charged at hourly rates. Included in these hourly rates are the assessments, time spent interviewing, reviewing the facts, report writing, court appearances and travel costs associated with court appearances.

With core values that include availability, confidentiality, integrity, trust and acceptance, and as a renowned psychologist in Pretoria at the forefront of relationship therapy, family and divorce mediation, career and executive coaching, trauma therapy, cognitive behavioural treatment and psycho-legal services – Dr Maritz is the right expert to assist you.

To learn more about our psycho-legal services and rates, chat to Dr Tienie Maritz today. We look forward to assisting you.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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