A Marriage Therapist Can Be Effective and Affordable

Sadly, many of the couples that could receive valuable support from a marriage therapist fail to do so. The reasons offered for deciding not to pursue this route may vary but tend to be based on one of two commonly mistaken beliefs. In many cases the belief is that the relationship has simply deteriorated too far and that nobody could possibly offer any means by which to reverse the decline. Typically, this is an attitude seen in those that have already experience one or more marital failures. The second belief is quite often couples whose problems have been largely the result of financial difficulties and who choose to dismiss this valuable opportunity because they believe it to be far too expensive and offering no guarantee of success.

Yes, it is quite true that the degree of success achieved through counselling will be heavily dependent upon the whole-hearted cooperation of both of the parties involved. However, this form of therapy has been proven repeatedly to be highly effective even when applied to the most dysfunctional relationships. Furthermore, if one takes sufficient care when selecting a marriage therapist, the price of a saved relationship can be quite affordable and, in the long term, it is an option that is certain to prove far less costly than resorting to divorce.

Marital counselling is not a new idea and the first such service emerged in Germany during the 1920s although its focus was more on eugenics and Planned Parenthood than repairing relationships. It was during the ‘50s that the psychologists first began to recognise the value of treating the problems experienced by couples, families and other groups through shared counselling sessions. Today this has become a standard practice and one that is often adopted and with much improved success even when the psychological problems are seen to affect only a single individual within a given group.

As in any form of relationship counselling, one of the major roles of the marriage therapist is to help the parties involved to better manage their differences as these are an inevitable component of all interpersonal dynamics. The focus in such cases must be to alleviate the repeated patterns of distress that arise from illogical and inappropriate response to such and that can so easily lead to a total breakdown of communication between the spouses.

To achieve this, relationship counsellor Dr Tienie Maritz calls upon 24 years of experience to design a regimen that he considers most appropriate to each individual case, determining this during the course of the introductory session. Incidentally, you will not be asked to pay up front as Tienie will claim directly from your medical so a marriage saved by this therapist could cost actually cost you nothing more than a few hours of your time and a little patience. Private patients are free to negotiate over his fees and those who may not be fortunate enough to have a medical fund will be offered the option of an easy instalment plan.

Tienie is fascinated by people and deeply concerned for their dignity and happiness. It is these qualities that have helped him to develop the trust of his patients that is as important to the ultimate success of his counselling as the proven methods favoured by this caring marriage therapist.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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