What is the Role of a Marriage Counsellor in Pretoria?

Perhaps the first thing to clarify is that the role of a marriage counsellor in Pretoria is much the same as anywhere else in South Africa or overseas. Nevertheless, both at home and abroad, it is one that is commonly seen by many as providing advice to dissenting and estranged couples on how they should solve their problems. That said, it may not be too hard to understand why many of those who could really benefit from some skilled counselling often do not seek help. The reason for their inaction is based on the belief that some stranger will be lecturing them on how they should live their lives.

The premise is, of course, a false one. Whether a marriage counsellor practices in Pretoria or Paris, his or her aim is not to be prescriptive, but rather to act as a facilitator. In this way, a therapist can enable the estranged partners to develop greater insight into their respective behaviours and to promote a more constructive dialogue, thus opening a pathway to healing.

The reason for this misconception is easily understood. As individuals, it is normal for us to call upon the advice of a parent or close friend when faced with a problem and unsure of the best way to handle it. All too often, the response will be to tell us what we have done wrong and what we should have done instead. Where a relationship is involved, similar criticisms are often levelled at the other partner. Despite the vastly different style of professional marriage counsellors in Pretoria and elsewhere, it is assumed to be little different from the well-meaning but far less effective efforts of mom, dad or the best friend.

There are a number of differing approaches to psychotherapy, including psychoanalysis, behavioural, cognitive, humanistic and integrative therapies.  A skilled therapist, such as Dr Tienie Maritz, will apply a mix of those that appear to best suit each individual case. Such therapy is conducted mainly on a group basis and may include children, as well as other parties involved in the conflict situation. Although there is no way to predict the number of sessions that a given couple may require up front, most of those who consult this marriage counsellor in Pretoria experience improved interaction after just a couple of sessions.

Opting for marital counselling with Dr Maritz is not just a necessary step, but also a wise choice. Furthermore, it is also a choice that his patients find surprisingly affordable. Charging only approved medical aid rates for his services and providing an easy payment plan for non-members has seen the services of this experienced marriage counsellor prized in Pretoria.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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