Professional Marriage Counselling is Helping Many Distraught Couples in Pretoria

There have been many explanations offered for the increased demand for marriage counselling, not just in Pretoria, but in towns and cities throughout the world. These range from financial difficulties and pressures of work, to declining moral standards, the influence of the media and unrealistic expectations. Whether one or more of these may actually prove to be the cause of a couple’s marital distress, the role of a skilled counsellor can prove invaluable.

Matrimony has long been a cornerstone of our society, providing stability and security for the spouses and offspring alike. The increasing tendency to abandon relationships, when faced with difficulties, represents a threat to those very foundations that have enabled us to meet and to overcome far greater challenges in less favourable times and emphasises the importance of marriage counselling in Pretoria and nationwide.

Whatever its origins, it is invariably unresolved conflict that leads to estrangement between husbands and wives. Much that is said is spoken out of anger and frustration and tends to engender retaliation, rather than understanding. By contrast, that which most needs to be said and heard by the partners invariably remains unspoken. Promoting improved communication between the partners is the first vital step in enabling effective conflict resolution, without which further deterioration of that relationship is inevitable.

To achieve this requires the intervention of a trained and experienced therapist with the ability to gain the trust that is needed to be accepted in the role of an independent mediator. It is not the purpose of marriage counselling, in Pretoria or elsewhere, to assign blame, but rather to encourage self-assessment. Neither should it attempt to impose solutions but, instead, allow the partners to develop more appropriate behaviours based upon mutual understanding and subsequent consensus.

Despite the best intentions of the close friends and family members of couples whose relationships have become endangered, it is unlikely that, lacking the relevant specialist knowledge and experience, their attempts at intervention can be sufficiently objective. In fact, more often than not, the result of their efforts is simply to confirm the couple’s belief that a divorce is the only viable solution.

By contrast, with the help of behavioural specialists like Dr Tienie Maritz, marriage counselling has helped many couples to avert the trauma of divorce and, instead, to renew their relationship based upon a more complete understanding of one another and respect for their individuality.

It may need just a few sessions, at approved medical aid rates, to begin the healing, while an easy payment plan means that non-members are equally welcome. Dr Tienie Maritz is well-known and respected for his long history of successful marriage counselling in Pretoria.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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