Marriage Counselling Offers New Hope for Ailing Relationships in Pretoria East

There is little doubt that if more couples were to seek professional marriage counselling in Pretoria East, far fewer of those in the administrative capital who are experiencing difficult relationships would eventually resort to painful separations. More often than not, when its seems that partners are no longer able to talk to one another, it is not so much an inability as an unwillingness that is the result of unfounded or irrational assumptions by one partner regarding the feelings, beliefs, reactions or intent of the other, and vice versa.

Only with the aid of someone who has the knowledge and experience in helping such individuals get past these misconceptions, can they begin to engage in dialogue that is more constructive.  Marriage counselling in Pretoria East and, indeed, anywhere else in the country is far more than just a Band-Aid to be applied to an ailing partnership. It is a process through which the partners gain a deeper understanding of themselves and one another, helping them to overcome their irrational beliefs and to respect their differences by experiencing the positive benefits directly. Based on that experience, the subsequent willingness to adopt these changed attitudes provides the partners with the foundations for a loving and long-lasting relationship.

Sadly, it is also misconception and irrationality that lie behind the unwillingness of many, who could benefit greatly from this type of professional help, to seek marriage counselling. In Pretoria East, as elsewhere, many eschew such support in the belief that a third party cannot possibly know how they feel, or that he or she is likely to come across as critical and judgmental of their behaviour.

In practice, it is never the policy of competent relationship therapists to be either critical or prescriptive when dealing with patients. Instead, he or she will endeavour, through questioning rather than telling, to encourage a process of self-examination, understanding and of sharing the resulting revelations. The therapist’s actual role is therefore that of a facilitator rather than an instructor.

It is not only the value of marriage counselling that may be questioned in Pretoria East, but also its cost. The latter can be especially pertinent in cases where financial difficulties happen to be one of the factors contributing to the disharmony in the relationship. The costs may indeed seem high to a couple in such circumstances, but they fall far short of those that invariably result from a divorce.

Dr Tienie Maritz operates a highly successful practice in the Jacaranda City, combining his deep insight into human behaviour and relationships with an equal understanding of practical matters, including affordability. Standard medical aid tariffs or easy payment terms guarantee accessible marriage counselling in Pretoria East.

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