Affordable Forensic Psycho-Legal Services

Looking for an affordable forensic psychologist in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area to assist you with an assessment and report regarding an issue relating to a personal injury claim? Or are you looking for an assessment on the psychological impact brought on by the trauma of an accident the person was involved in, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress and depression? When medical knowledge is sought to answer legal questions, you contact a forensic psychologist for psycho-legal assessments.

What Does It Involve and What are the Costs?

Also known as psycho-legal assessing, forensic psychology is defined as the intersection between psychology and the law. A far cry from the typical criminal profiler stereotype we see in the movies – forensic psychology is an area of practice where a forensic psychologist will help to clarify aspects of a legal question regarding physical injuries, degrees of impairment, specific diagnosis, recommended treatments, as well as cost estimates of such treatments.

An expert area of practice widely used in accident/personal injury, civil claims, cognitive functioning issues, criminal law cases, curatorship, family and child law, and legal work related issues – forensic psychology requires thorough evaluations, assessments and reports which can provide specific guidance on treatment options, prognostic questions and the potential need for additional assessment. Unlike clinical psychotherapy, psycho-legal assessments are not covered by medical aid and are billed by the hour.

We Can Assist You with Psycho-Legal Assessments and Reports

Situated in Pretoria and in practice for more than twenty years, Dr Tienie Maritz is a renowned psychologist with a proven track record in the application of Psychotherapy. Holding a Ph.D. in Hypnotherapy and a M.Ed. in Psychology, Dr Maritz specialises in career and executive coaching, divorce mediation, family therapy, individual psychotherapy, marriage and couples’ therapy, neuropsychology, parental guidance, psychology, trauma therapy, cognitive behavioural treatment, and psycho-legal assessments.

We Assist Attorneys, Defendants and Private Patients

Striving to provide a fair assessment to a reasonable degree of psychological certainty, Dr Maritz is committed to providing forensic psychology expert evaluations and reports to attorneys, defendants, insurance companies and private patients in a variety of civil matters that measure the psychological impact an accident or trauma (e.g. work accident, motor vehicle accident, or victim of a crime) may have upon a person’s psychological state and the associated effect of this on the person’s daily functioning, such as:

• financial loss such as loss of earnings and incurred medical expenses due to injury;
• physical injury such as disfigurement, mental impairment, disability or brain injury; and
• psychological impact of the accident such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress and depression caused by psychological trauma.

We Offer Favourable Medical Aid Rates

While it is a known fact that psychotherapy is rather expensive and can easily run into thousands of rands, we do not charge as much as other psychologists. With core values that include availability, confidentiality, integrity, trust and acceptance, and as a psychologist that understands our economic environment, we are open to negotiating payment terms at your first session.

To learn more about our forensic psychologist psycho-legal services and how we can assist you, chat to Dr Tienie Maritz today.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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