How an Educational Psychologist Can Help Your Child


Did your little one or teen have a tough year at school? No matter what we do, our children will have bad days and tough school years. It’s completely normal. But, what’s not normal is when our children start displaying emotional and social issues, or learning difficulties.


Today, teachers are often expected to manage classes of 30 to 45 or more children. It can be hard to give each child the attention they deserve. Sadly, many struggles are either left undetected or not addressed at all. Children get lost between the cracks, which can have an enormous impact on their development and education.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of childhood self-esteem, especially in the classroom. If you’re a parent of a child who is not learning as they should, unable to express themselves, incapable of making friendships and relating to their peers, or mismanaging their feelings and behaviours, here’s how an educational psychologist can help your child.


An Educational Psychologist Specialises in Child Development and the Psychology of Learning


An Educational Psychologist is a professional who has been specifically trained in child development, psychological theory and research, the psychology of learning and teaching, and the psychological aspects of teaching special-needs children. Specialising in everything from learning difficulties,  anxiety, and bullying, to low levels of confidence and poor self-esteem, an educational psychologist will assess your child, recommend coping methods, and provide advice, training, and behavioural support.


If you reside in the Gauteng region and are in search of an exceptional educational psychologist to assess and assist your little one or young adult, make an appointment with Dr Tienie Maritz. In practice for over twenty years, Dr Tienie Maritz is a psychologist in Pretoria with a PhD in regression and hypnotherapy, as well as an MEd in psychology.


Focusing on both cognitive and behavioural aspects of learning, Dr Tienie Maritz will review your young one’s school work, spend some time with them, run tests to evaluate their skills and intellectual development, suggest successful ways to improve their learning and behaviour, and find ways to help with any learning difficulties so they can cope in class and in life.


Just like adults, sometimes young children and young adults need therapy. While it can be a hard pill for parents to swallow, it is important to understand that the sooner your child’s struggles are identified and dealt with, the less their education and friendships will suffer, and the less their self-esteem and self-confidence will be affected.


While it is a known fact that therapy can be expensive, Dr Tienie Maritz is open to negotiating payment plans. While most therapists expect patients to pay upfront and claim their money back from their medical aid, we claim directly from your medical aid. Furthermore, patients who do not have medical aid are able to negotiate payment terms at their first session.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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