How an Educational Psychologist Can Help Support Your Child

The developmental phases that children, pre-adolescents, and teenagers go through are extremely crucial. Milestones must be reached as a healthy self-awareness begins to emerge during this time. For some children, life is not always smooth sailing. It is in these situations that some kids might find themselves needing an extra hand. Children see the world differently to the way adults see it. Depending upon their age and stage of development, getting through to some children is exceptionally challenging, so many parents, guardians, and teachers can miss the mark when it comes to connecting. This is where an educational psychologist can open up the channels of communication and act in the best interest of the child that may have been overlooked by other adults. There are several ways in which an educational psychologist can assist children and help guide them towards better methods of coping with the important factors that influence them daily.


Support During Stressful Periods

Starting at a new school (especially the primary school to high school transition), examinations, and tests, as well as tense social situations that a child can find themselves in (such as with peers or bullies) are all areas in which an educational psychologist can be of immense help.


Learning Difficulties

Learning disabilities and delays require in-depth assessments and psychometric testing that a team of professionals, including an educational psychologist, can oversee.


Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mood Disorders

Children display symptoms of mood disorders differently than what adults do. An anxious or depressed child may, for example, avoid school or fake being sick for no reason, so the parent may assume that their child is physically ill. It is in this case that a professional can be used to pinpoint not just what the problem is, but also where its roots lie.


Looking at the Whole Picture

Every child is more than just their developmental phase, age, gender, background, family, and experiences. An educational psychologist knows how to work with a child in the context of the sum total of their being – this is especially helpful during career planning and counselling, which causes many teenagers to experience unnecessary anxiety. If you do not know how best to aid your child in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be, it may be time to get in touch with someone who can. Dr Tienie Maritz has worked as an educational psychologist for over 24 years and has ample experience with children from all walks of life. To make an appointment, use our contact form or book a session online today.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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