Couples Counselling – What to Expect and How It Can Save Your Relationship!

Is your relationship taking strain? Are you and your partner struggling to communicate with each other, or are you constantly arguing about the smallest, most insignificant things? Nowadays, falling in love is easy and for a healthy relationship or marriage to last a lifetime, it takes hard work. While you never thought you would ever find yourself in this position, you’re not alone. Many couples experience exactly what you’re going through right now. While it’s really important to acknowledge how you got here, what’s even more important right now is to figure out how you’re going to move forward. You can either choose to walk away from each other, ignore the signs and let things escalate to a greater level of animosity, or you can choose to work things out with couples counselling.

Two words that can scare the pants off any couple, the idea of couples counselling can often be downright terrifying. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to save your relationship and get back to the place where you were both the happiest, couples counselling may be just right for you and your partner. If you’re new to the counselling process and are in the dark about to expect and how it can help you and your partner, then here’s what you can expect to learn.

• #1 Improved Communication – talking is healthy and if your relationship lacks communication then you will definitely find it again with counselling. Considered as one of the greatest benefits, couples counselling is all about learning how to openly communicate with each other in a safe, healthy way. As soon as you walk into your therapists practice, you’re in a safe space where you can express your hopes, dreams and concerns, without judgement or ridicule.

• #2 Conflict Management and Problem Solving – there is no couple in this world that has not gone through a rough patch, but what makes some couples stronger than others is how they managed their differences and problems. Unfortunately, most couples don’t know how to manage conflict, which is where couples counselling can be so beneficial. Not only will you will learn some valuable problem solving skills, but you will also learn how to move on from anger, hurt and disappointments.

• #3 Get to Know Yourself Better – sometimes we all need to sit back with a professional who can help us analyse ourselves, our relationship, and our actions, wants and needs. When we get to know ourselves a little better, we start identifying the good, the bad and the ugly. This can be extremely beneficial in preparing ourselves for change and compromise – two things that every healthy couple should always be ready to make.

Couples Counselling Can Be a Saving Grace

There really is no such thing as the perfect relationship, especially in today’s modern society. If you have a relationship that is worth fighting for then couples counselling should be your top priority. Not only will you learn more about yourself and your partner, but you will also learn to communicate and listen better, argue in a much more constructive way, manage and resolve conflict with greater clarity, voice your fears and needs clearly without judgement or criticism, and work through unresolved issues without saying damaging things that you will both regret. Surely, it’s worth a try!

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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