Affordable Couples’ Counselling in Pretoria by an Experienced Behavioural Specialist

The need for professional couples’ counselling in Pretoria today differs little from that in any city of a comparable size in most other countries. Furthermore, the circumstances that may have driven a relationship to the point where such support has become necessary are unlikely to differ very much either. While violence, abuse and infidelity are commonly the manifestation of a failed marriage, often the underlying problem lies in a communication failure and such manifestations may be better seen as its symptoms.

In South Africa today, one of the more common reasons for a breakdown of communications lies in the loss of self-esteem that so often accompanies unemployment and the financial pressures that are the inevitable consequence. Such difficulties are typical of many of the couples that seek counselling in Pretoria and other South African cities, given the slower than hoped recovery from the global recession.

Perversely, it is often concerns with regard to the cost of consultation that continues to prevent many spouses and partners from seeking the professional help that could well have saved them from divorce or separation. Frequently, people in this position seek the support of family, friends or their spiritual leaders. Sadly, those close to the troubled parties find it difficult to maintain objectivity, while pastors and priests, although well-intentioned, seldom have the skills and experience to mediate a consensus.

Dr Tienie Maritz operates a practice in the nation’s administrative capital and, conscious of the financial concerns of couples in need of counselling, he has taken steps to remove this hurdle. Firstly, unlike many of his fellow specialists, he charges only the rates agreed by the nation’s medical aid schemes, so struggling to raise co-payments is never a problem for his patients.  Even for those who may not be covered by a medical aid, Dr Maritz is happy to arrange a payment plan to suit the needs of these patients.

While overcoming affordability issues is clearly important, it is perhaps less so than the effectiveness of the consulting process. In this respect, Dr Maritz’s credentials and track record speak for themselves. Tienie holds several qualifications (PhD and MEd Psych) relating to psychology, and has extensive experience of alternative approaches to couples’ counselling, enabling his patients in Pretoria to better understand themselves, their partners and their differing needs.

From an initial evaluation, Tienie will determine the most appropriate regimen, adopting a mix of cognitive and behavioural approaches, and modifying these where indicated. His goal of enabling greater understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and the improved communications needed to more fully understand those of one’s spouse, is indispensable to couples who need counselling in Pretoria.

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A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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