6 Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Counselling

Below we answer six of your questions about couples counselling.

  1. Who Is It For?

While it is often thought that couples counselling is a last attempt to save a marriage before divorce, the truth is that it provides guidance and support to people in all types of intimate relationships, whether they are married or not, and regardless of their sexual orientation. It can be beneficial for those who are having relationship problems, or those who simply want to strengthen and look after the health of their relationship.

  • Will Couples Counselling Save My Relationship?

This entirely depends on you and your relationship. While the success rate of relationship therapy is estimated to be around 75% today, according to the American Psychological Association, it really does depend on your circumstances and the effort you put in. Therapy can help you strengthen and rebuild your relationship or give you the courage and resolve to go your separate ways.

  • What is Couples Counselling For?

The outcome would depend on the unique challenges that you and your partner face. However, therapy is typically focussed on helping you develop the skills to build a healthy, balanced relationship, and includes:

  • Improving communication
  • Problem solving
  • Gaining a better understanding of each other, including differences, triggers, and expressions of love
  • Dealing with intimacy issues
  • Working through family conflict
  • Rebuilding trust
  • What Can We Expect?

Typically, therapy includes both partners in the room together, and the expectation is that both parties talk honestly about their feelings and problems with the counsellor. This can be difficult and very emotional. It might even lead to heated discussions and fights while working through certain issues. This is fine. This is your space to get it out, and the counsellor is there to help you cope with the emotions.

  • How Do We Prepare for The Session?

The only upfront work required is finding a suitable counsellor or therapist that would suit your needs. Make sure you choose someone qualified and experienced in couples counselling. Also check the location of their practice, as well as their operating hours to make sure it’s convenient for you both. Personally, prepare yourself to be honest – with the therapist, your partner, and yourself.

  • Who Do We Go to for Couples Counselling?

Dr Tienie Maritz is a highly qualified and respected psychologist with a proven track record in providing effective couples counselling. Helping people to “live life better” has been part of the career he chose for the past 24 years. Get in touch today to book your session.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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