Couples Counselling Services

Relationships can be hard work, but also really fulfilling. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected, but life is never just straightforward and easy. We’re constantly exposed to so many other stresses, not to mention the lasting effect of possible previous traumas and experiences. A healthy relationship requires us to navigate these challenges together, and sometimes a helping hand can make a huge difference. Making use of couples counselling services could assist in giving you the clarity and even tools needed to continue building on the success of your relationship.

Couples counselling services are not only meant for when a relationship is on the rocks. It is also a great way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Here are just some of the benefits you can gain from couples counselling services:

  1. A better understanding of each other

No matter how well we think we know each other, we all have different ways of experiencing and dealing with what we go through in life. Couples counselling services can help you spot and acknowledge naturally occurring differences.

  • Become better at communicating

You can’t assume your partner magically understands what you mean. Effective communication (which includes listening) is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.

  • Turn your arguments into constructive experiences

Disagreements are inevitable and not inherently negative. The way you react to it is, however, within your control. Instead of letting your arguments create a divide between you and your partner, learn how to manage reactions and turn it into an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Reconnect and rebuild intimacy

It is easy for relationships to fall into a routine, leaving you feeling bored. Couples counselling services can help you to rediscover each other and rebuild nurturing connections.

  • Regaining each other’s trust

Trust is vital. In the case of betrayal, couples counselling services offer a safe space where partners can be honest and start working through their fears and uncertainties.

  • Recognising and facing possible underlying issues influencing the relationship

They say to leave the past in the past, but we all know it doesn’t work like that. Unresolved issues may be unwittingly causing stress in a relationship and deserve to be addressed.

  • Relationship evaluation

Not all relationships are meant to be, and there is nothing wrong with that. Couples counselling services can help you evaluate the relationship and decide whether it is worth investing more into… or not.

Ultimately, the purpose of couples counselling services is to restore a better level of functioning in a partnership. If you feel you can benefit from this, contact Dr Tienie Maritz today to book an appointment.

A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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