Living a full life

Life's enjoyment

Living a full life means that we give meaning to life events as we undertake the worlds journeys in our own unique way. In an effort to understand the world we live in, we tend to encounter problems in our everyday life which actually slows us down. This gives rise to feelings and/or thoughts which could lead to positive outcomes or the opposite.

To explore our inner being is an act of trust. To find ways of improving insight and understanding of our human interactions and the way we interpret life events could become the words and sentences of our life stories. The shaping of your life story is an act of understanding your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour better.

Nobody walks your walk of life for you – you do it in your own special way. The way you do it is very “up, close and personal”. It is a very special experience of change, growth, discovery, transformation and taking brave challenges at every step along the way.

Helping people to ” live life better“ is sometimes necessary. To believe in the fantastic resilience of the human spirit will create trusting relationships. The need to feel and get better is a force which must be appreciated within us as human beings and the effort people make to improve should be admired.


A message from Dr Tienie Maritz

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