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Living a full life means that we give meaning to life events as we undertake the world’s journeys in our own unique way. In an effort to understand the world we live in, we tend to encounter problems in our everyday life which actually slow us down. This gives rise to feelings and/or thoughts which could lead to positive outcomes or the opposite. The idea of creating a safe space where issues can be explored and dealt with amicably is the road to growth and happiness.

To explore our inner being is an act of trust, in this environment we actually get close to the issues. The general idea of psychotherapy is to create this environment and guide the client towards better functioning and inner health. The shaping of your life story within the psychotherapeutic environment is an act of understanding your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour better. To find ways of improving insight and understanding of our human interactions and the way we interpret life events could become the words and sentences of our life stories.

Nobody walks your walk of life for you – you do it in your own special way. It is unique and the way you do it is very “up, close and personal”. It is a very special experience of change, growth, discovery, transformation and taking brave challenges at every step along the way.The fact that our paths cross, is considered special and the trust of a given therapeutic relationship usually starts the step by step healing process!

My approach is purpose driven – to enhance the well-being of people. Within the psychotherapeutic context, I work with the client towards a better understanding of the self within this world. I consider myself as privileged to share in people’s lives and become part of their journey.

“Whether life is worth living depends on whether there is love in life.” (RD Laiing). These words ring true to me in most situations we find ourselves in.

A visit to a psychologist can be a very personal experience and therefore sometimes difficult.

My practise functions quite flexible and as a registered psychologist with the Health Professions Council of SA for the past twenty odd years, we strive to be as user friendly as possible. The skills and expertise acquired over the years does include psychotherapy and assessments for different populations and purposes. The intake session usually determines the procedure to be followed.

Psychotherapy has different approaches and ultimately it always works towards ways in “living life better”. The approach can be very cognitive and behavioural with moments of person-centeredness and other sessions using hypnotherapy. There is always time to discuss the situation and obviously how to enhance your strengths and shape your thinking.

My services are:

  • Psycho-legal and Forensic services and
  • Psychotherapeutic services:
    • Marriage and couples therapy 
    • Individual psychotherapy
    • Parental guidance
    • Family therapy
    • Therapy sessions for the youth: children, teens, adolescents, students
    • Career design
    • Trauma therapy
    • Women

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Direct claims will be submitted to your Medical Aid Fund. Down payment options are also available.

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