Help from an Experienced Therapist in Pretoria could Prove Life-Changing

It is often said that you only get what you pay for. In reality, however, we now live in an age when, only very rarely, can we expect to get even that much in return for our hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, financial pressures are not the only source of stress to which South Africans have had to accustom themselves. Political uncertainty, spiralling crime rates, particularly in crimes of violence, job losses and a lack of employment opportunities, borrowing restrictions and a host of other difficulties are taking their toll on both the physical and mental health of our citizens.

The effects of such stress are plain to see in the increased incidence of juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, divorce, dysfunctional families and the number of people who now seek the help of a therapist in Pretoria, as well as other cities across the country. More alarming than the number of those seeking professional help, is the number of those who are in need of such help but who, for one reason or another, fail to do anything about it.

One of the reasons that is often given to explain their inaction is the belief that the role of a psychologist is to instruct their patients on how they should lead their lives, and to do so by delving into their innermost personal secrets. It is these views that have made them reluctant to submit to treatment. In practice, such views could not be further from the truth. Far from being one of interrogation and discipline, his or her role is to facilitate the process of self-examination. In this way, the individual is enabled to recognise those beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that are inappropriate and contribute to his or her stressful state, and to amend these accordingly.

Another common explanation for this reluctance is the concern that meeting the cost of a consultation with a suitably experienced therapist may be beyond their means. Given that finances are often the reason for their stress, this is not too surprising. However, for those who may be in this position and who are living in or within easy reach of Pretoria, there is some excellent news.

Dr Tienie Maritz is a psychologist with lengthy experience and an enviable success record in many fields within this multifaceted discipline. These include marriage and couples counselling, parental guidance, and counselling for addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), grief and domestic abuse, to name just a few.

First and foremost, however, Dr Tienie Maritz, is dedicated to helping people live their lives to the fullest with the use of a personalised programme of appropriate evidence-based therapies. Furthermore, he also believes that the associated cost should never be a barrier to obtaining that help.

Accordingly, should you seek help from this therapist in his Pretoria practice, you can be assured that he can offer a payment option that will suit your circumstances. Firstly, his rates are well below average, and thus fully covered by most of South Africa’s medical aid schemes from whom he claims directly, so there are no up-front payments. For those with no such cover, Dr Maritz is happy to negotiate an easy-payment plan to match their means.