Change Your Life with an Affordable Clinical Psychologist in Pretoria

Are you looking for an affordable psychologist in Pretoria that can help you make a positive lifestyle change? In this day and age, psychological disorders are more prominent than ever before and are found in people of all ages, countries and societies.

Stress, anxiety, depression and addiction that once used to be atypical are now serious debilitating conditions that one out of every five people suffer from. In fact, according to statistics, it is estimated that approximately 450 million people worldwide experience depression, anxiety or another psychological disorder in any given year. If you are someone currently experiencing anxiousness and depression, or you are struggling with addiction problems, you may find solace in knowing that you are not alone.

How Can Psychotherapy Help You

Whether you need help managing a day-to-day serious illness, changing an addictive behaviour, maintaining stress and anxiety levels, coping with past abuse or dealing with the death of a marriage or a loved one, then psychotherapy can be extremely beneficial in helping you to deal with it. Moreover, a good psychologist can help you cope with symptoms, as well as change behaviour patterns that add to your emotions or disorder. In fact, 70 – 90% of people experience a phenomenal improvement in their quality of life after participating in psychotherapy.

If you are wondering whether visiting a psychologist in Pretoria is the best way forward for you, here are a few ways in which psychotherapy can help you:

• It arms you will the tools to cope with past traumatic experiences.
• Develops a strategy to cope with anxiety, stress or depression.
• Establishes a practice to handle a crisis when it arises.
• Helps you to better understand your disorder, illness or loss.
• Helps you to overcome fears, phobias and insecurities.
• Identifies triggers and ends destructive addictive behaviours.
• Improves relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

While at first glance all psychologists may seem like they are all pretty much the same, this is not always the case and this is why it is important to take care when selecting a psychologist. If you reside in the Pretoria area and are looking for an affordable psychologist that can help you make a positive lifestyle change, then it is time to make an appointment with Dr Tienie Maritz.

We Offer Favourable Medical Aid Rates

In practice for over twenty years, Dr Tienie is a renowned psychologist located in the beautiful Jacaranda City with a proven track record in the application of clinical psychology. Dr Tienie takes great pride in empowering people to learn how to change and that change is easy; Dr Tienie holds a Ph. D in regression and hypnotherapy and an M.Ed. in psychology.

One of the factors people often worry about is the costs involved with such treatments as it is a known fact that psychotherapy is expensive and can easily run into the thousands. Dr Tienie does not charge as much as other psychologists and will claim directly from your medical aid, so you won’t have to hand over a cent. Furthermore, if you are not on a medical aid, we are open to negotiating payment terms at your first session.

It is never too late to change the direction that your life is going in, so make that change today and contact Pretoria’s well-respected Dr Tienie Maritz.